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The Circle Line / Perfumed Galaxy



The Circle Line were formed in early 1991 when Teresa Watson introduced Lids to the rest of the band as she heard they were looking for a guitarist. They started rehearsing and writing songs immediately. The musical influences were The Doors, Stone Roses, 60’s psychedelia, New Order and Indie dance music

The line up of the band was:

Chunky : Vocals
Alan Liddell (Lids) : Guitar
Lenny Webster : Hammond Organ & Synth
Colin Malcolm : Bass
Scott Gilfeather : Drums

Circleline poster

After a couple of months getting a set together they played their first gig to a packed crowd at The Beatnik Klub in Cardenden to a brilliant reception.
A first demo tape was recorded entitled Bliss and quickly became the top selling demo that Sleeves Records Shop had ever had.

01 Behold all Bliss

02 Caroline into the ocean

03 Ride with the tide

04 Whited sepulchre

Downland the whole of Bliss (24Mb)

The band gigged regularly about Fife, Dundee, Edinburgh and played a good few times at Anthony’s Hotel in Kirkcaldy where we usually had a lively and enthusiastic audience. A video exists of one of these gigs, where not a lot can be seen except, dry ice, lights and a lot of people freaking out on the dancefloor.

Circleline poster 2

A second demo was recorded entitled Grow and the gigging continued including a memorable gig in Glenrothes saw the band end the set by inviting the whole audience to a house party, where the dry ice machine was set off in the living room and nobody could see anyone else.

01 Grow

02 Jesus in blue

03 Salt

Download whole Grow EP (16Mb)

Circleline poster 3

The gigs were usually pretty wild affairs and, always a lively front man, Chunk was prone to climbing the PA system at gigs and swinging the mike stand about, sometimes to the danger of his bandmates.

Island Records were showing a bit of interest in signing the band for a while but nothing came of it.

A third demo called Hook, Line & Sinker was recorded and again sold well through local record shop outlets.

01 Into the flight

02 Mesmerised

03 Plastic fields

Download whole Hook Line and Sinker EP (21 Mb)

Circleline poster 4

Due to the age-old musical differences, the band split up in 1993 after a farewell benefit gig in Buckhaven.

After the Circle Line, Lenny went off to pursue other musical directions and the rest of the band started up Perfumed Galaxy with a more rock sound. Colin left after a bit and was replaced by Danny Holland (man of many bands) on bass. Gigs were played mostly in Fife and Edinburgh and the sound was a mixture of Syd’s Floyd, Blur, Suede and 70’s glam rock.

A single demo was recorded entitled Heaven Scent and the band played gigs until they split up about 1995 after a final gig in Dundee.

01 Lazy girl sunshine

02 Pseudo - Sado

03 Sheffield 12 incher - Take the dark away

Download whole Heaven Scent (24Mb)

Lenny moved North and is currently playing hammond organ for Five Fifteen. Colin Malcolm has a Cicle Line MySpace page.
Scott Gilfeather is not currently in a band. Lids still plays guitar mostly for his own pleasure now and has recently taken up the sitar for a possible future psychedelic project