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Very Scary - Kills 99% of all known household..........., well you know how it goes

86 Charity Concert flyer

Domestos were, at the time - Kirkcaldy's one and only skinhead band. Kirkcaldy was not really skinhead territory. We used to see them all the times at other people's gigs and, as everyone seemed to know them, they seemed to have accumulated a lot of local publicity, before they had ever played a gig. We were not really convinced that they could play at all. They had some great flyers as I remember, it'd be great to get hold of one.

I don't remember a lot more about them - their drummer was a nice guy who used to go to all the local gigs, he want by the name of Chevy and i think that's him with his back to the camera, sitting on the dance floor of the Abbotshall in the picture of the Crucified Brains playing there, that's on their page on this website (you can always tell the Abbotshall by the distinctive wallpaper, i even ended up featuring on the poster given out with the Ghost Train's first single!), he has a leather jacket with "The Exploited" written on it.

The MP3's below were made from a tape recorded at the Tech charities gig on February 21st 1986. It was recorded in mono on my Marantz machine. This was from a particularly chaotic part of that evening, they sound even less rehearsed that the Surgical Wars were that day. I love the way the singer talks in pure Kirkcaldy and singe in pure "Lahdan tahn", I guess a skinhead band that sang in Scottish accents was not allowed! I suppose the Proclaimers started the year after. I saw when I looked the poster again, that they played the July charity gig that year too - I have no memory of that, so I can't say if they were any more together that day. There is a a great period moment in these MP3's below, where the singer of Domestos announces each song by shouting it's name just before it begins, I remember X Ray Specs did that. One of the songs seems to be called "1986", just like 1977, only with white jackets with sleeves rolled up!

I think Domestos only had two songs, this didn't stop them staying on stage that night though and just messing about. Happily that part of the tape of the day is lost to the world now.

Domestos Feb 21 1986 Track 1

Domestos Feb 21 1986 Track 2