Kirkcaldy Bands
The Kirkcaldy Bands of the '80s

Because music like ours shouldn't die

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The Cylinders - Ian's latest band (ex Surgical Wars, Who Cares? and Schoolhouse)

Ten Stories High - Colin Usher, original drummer of The Twist's new band

No.1 Sun - The webpage of the new band from two of the guy's from the Silent Falls

Anarchy in Fife - Michael Laing's wonderful Fife punk site Michael Laing plays bass with this classic punk band, great stuff

Sharon Small Fan Site - as if a fan site about the Kirkcaldy Bands of the '80's was not enough, I just discovered that the internet now has fan site to Sharon Small, who was in the year below me at Balwearie High School and was at College in Kirkcaldy at the same time as me.

Dave Arcari Very comprehensive and well maintained My Space website from ex-Summerfield Blues member. Dave Arcari's new Summerfield Blues My Space

Davie Brown Ex Ghost Train guitarist's My Space

Ghost Train Tribute A Ghost Train tribute My Space

Mark Nicol's Studio Ex Nationwide and Ghost Train band members recording studio My Space - some great music here. - My Flickr collection (I take a lot of photos!) My new website about that classic Edinburgh band that was named after me.