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I've been really knocked out by the more recent bands from the area. Nice to see that Kirkcaldy is still a great place for inventive live music, twenty years on. This site will always be more of a nostalgia site, but I'm really eager to hear what's new out there and I'll post links to any new bands websites here. If any of the bands want to include any text about themselves above the link, just post it to me and I'll add it, because music like ours shouldn't die, and lives on through the next generation, and sometimes still through our generation!


Universal You -

:...a big, bold, brassy pop tune..", "...the vivacious diminutive singer with the big voice...", "Frontwoman Gulzhan is in possession of a truly exceptional voice", "..another pop rock wonder.."

Universally you


"The Lost Generation are a 3 piece Indie/rock outfit from central Scotland (Fife) who don't have the time for all the usual hyped up shite."

Brady Cole are a four piece rock band hailing from Fife, Scotland who are intent on the survival of good music. Taking their inspiration from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Nirvana and The Who, the band have managed to mould a sound of their own that sets them apart from others.

I'm glad to see Glenrothes still produces heavy metal bands!

5- piece heavy rock band who hail from central Scotland and have been playing together for 3 years. They have built up a strong following of loyal fans due to their intensely powerful songs and explosive live performances.

Cruiser was originally formed in a studio in Cowdenbeath, Scotland. At the time not a real band in the gigging sense, mainly a recording project. Within months we soon got signed to Californian label, and put an album NORTHERN ELECTRIC out in the USA, recieving enthusiastic US press and radio play. We soon afterwards performed a few gigs across Scotland, though never toured the USA, oddly enough. We then had a we are back.