Kirkcaldy Bands
The Kirkcaldy Bands of the '80s

Because music like ours shouldn't die

The Receiving End

Thats the way i operate 2

1. That's The Way I Operate
2. Running
3. Nothing's Wrong
4. Happiness

Thats the way I operate cd

Thanks to Gary Bonar for the scans of the CD and the audio from the CD.

That's the way I operate cover

These two MP3's are from the Stupefied tape

The Receiving End - He's The Man

The Receiving End - Castles in the sand

Receiving end poster1


Some information on the band, courtesy of Liam Saunders -

The Receiving End - "As Happy as Ten" cassette- with the following
tracks - this selection was from 1990
Crystal Clear
Off My Rocker
Run That Road
Set In These Ways

The band were
Danny Holland - Vocals / Bass - went on to release one solo single on
Human Condition records from Edinburgh
Bill Thaw - Guitars - works at Glenrothes college now in the music
dept I think
Iain Douglas - Drums - also played with soul outfit Lights Out By Nine
at that time

Later also featured Andy Kelly on guitar.