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In the neigbhourhood article

The article! As if to prove I was not the only one that thought that the Kirkcaldy music scene in the 1980's was a bit special, here is an article that was published on us - I wish I could remember what the magazine was called, it might have been M8. At the time I remember only being concerned about the fact that they had spelt out bands name wrong, "Surgical War", not "Wars"! But it's great to see this again.

Stupefied Front Cover

Stupefied back Cover

The classic "Stupedfied" tape, issued through Kirkcaldy College of Technology for charity in 1988 and featuring a load of local bands. The songs from it are spread throughout this website. I think it was the project of Treez Watson. The tape featured - The Ghost Train, The Silent Falls, The Receiving End, Who Cares?, The Twist and All Days Fade.

Private Parts Cover

College magazine, the interview on the Surgical wars page was in this. Steve and I went with Angela McCourt (who put this mag together - as well as the February and july Tech Charity Gigs) to the Wheatsheaf and had a beer and talked a load of nonsense that Angela put in the magazine. What really shocks me is the musical influences I stated in the interview, 21 years on if someone asked me I'd say pretty much the same! You can read the article in all it's glory on the Surgical War's page. All for 20p too!