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Sphincter Control

Where would we be without it?

Sphincter Control were a kind of Kirkcaldy Bands supergroup, if you can imagine such a thing. Sort of, the Cream of Kirkcaldy - or (more appropriately) the Jimi Hendrix Experience of Kirkcaldy. They were Bill Gimix on bass, Johnny Venters (or JV) on guitar and vocal, and Chil (from the Gimix) on drums. They gigged around a lot in 1986 - I can't remember a lot about them, post '86. The one performance I remember, it was the only time I can remember seeing a local band and the guitar was louder than the drums! JV worked in Sound Control, the local music store where everyone bought everything. He sold me my fist bass in March 1983. I remember him asking me if I was left handed, not - I was just holding the bass the wrong way round, my musical skills could only improve!

I remember Bill being really into Sphincter Control at the time, we think they may have had some demo tapes - I wonder if we can turn up any of them?

The MP3's below are from a Bill Gimix Workshop at the St Clair Tavern on March 29th 1986. For more info on the Workshops themselves, see the Gimix page. There are some MP3's of the Surgical Wars playing the same workshop on this site too. The MP3's are made from a second generation copy of a recording made on my Pioneer hifi cassette deck, and they are not bad quality.

The sound of these MP3's is really skewed towards the left channel, for reasons I can't easily explain. Hopefully I can sort this out over time. There does sound like there are two guitarists on this recording, I have no clue who the other was.

Sphincter Control St Clair Tavern Mar 29 1986 - Foxy Lady