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Let's Twist again, like we did twenty years ago, Kirkcaldy's Pop Sensation, the Twist!

The Twist had a more contemporary sound than bands like the Gimix and The Ghost Train.

Colin Livingston

(The Twist at Negociants, Edinburgh, Autumn 1990)

The Twist were a year or so younger than us and I think there influences were a lot more modern. Bands like the Cure and the Smiths seem to have influenced them, whilst the older bands seemed much more influenced by stuff from 1977 and before.

Twist Anthony's Poster

The band were also active a bit later than the other bands featured on this website. A factor of being in a local band is you have to balance the rest of your life with being in a band, so the scene seemed to change radically every year or so - a lot of the bands active in 1985, were history by 1988, which is when I can first remember coming across The Twist.

Twist Ticket

The Twist were a huge band in the late '80's and early '90's in Kirkcaldy, I was always amazed that they didn't get any sort of recording contract - they seemed to have everything going for them - they could play well, write good original material and all the girls seemed to be interested in them (I never understood that bit!).

Twist record cover

They had a few records out ( a copy of the cover of one of them is above) I think they may have been privately financed.


Twist pic 2

(The Twist at Negociants, Edinburgh, Autumn 1990)

The following tracks are from the Twist's "Strangefruit" tape, which (I think) may have been their original demo tape.

Strangefruit Twist Cassette front cover

01 Suck

02 Twist

03 Strawberry

04 Talk to the animals

Strangefruit Twist Cassette

05 Joy

06 Faith

07 Double Death

Strangefruit Cover Tracklist 1

08 Still

09 Jennifer's Room

10 Talk to the Animals (Expensive Mix)

Strangefruit Cover Tracklist 2

11 Restless

12 Ask a Rhetorical Question

13 If You Like

14 Never Again

Download the whole Strangefruit tape as one ZIP file (55mb)

Twist B&W

Thanks, as ever, to Kirkcaldy Band's resident audio genius (Ian Cargill) for the digital restoration of the original audio tape and also thanks to Fergus Henderson for lending us the tape.

These are MP3 copies of the bands 12 inch single:

1. Falling Down Quietly

2. That's All

3. Walking Home

4. Here is Where I'll Always Be

Download whole 12 inch single in MP3 (17Mb)

Other Audio formats (ogg and FLAC)


Twist Pic 4

(The Twist at Dysart Miners' Welfare, November 1989)

The set below was recorded in mono on my old Marantz machine, that has featured heavily on this website on other pages. This is from a gig at the Abbotshall Hotel on March 3rd 1988, I'm pretty sure The Twist were the headliners that night, Who Cares? were the support act (if you can really be a support act if your singer and bass player can be in the support band too?).

Colin 1989 1

(Colin Livingston, The Clubhouse Summer 1989)

I think by this time, I had got less "professional" with these recordings and I hadn't fixed the record level before the band began - so sorry for the abrupt changes to volume at the beginning. Hopefully, we can unearth some better live tapes of the band. I'm also hoping someone can help me find titles to some of the tracks I can't identify. Talk to the Animals, this is one of my favorite Twist songs - it showcases quite nicely what was great about them - it has a good lyric (it actually seems to be about something, which not many of the songs played by the local bands were!), and it is well played.

01 The Twist Abbotshall March 3 1988 - Talk to the animals

02 The Twist Abbotshall March 3 1988 - Faith

Twist Abbotshall

03 The Twist Abbotshall March 3 1988 - Jennifer's Room

04 The Twist March 3 1988 - Ask a Rhetorical Question

05 The Twist Abbotshall March 3 1988 - Track 5

06 The Twist Abbotshall March 3 1988 - Track 6

07 The Twist Abbotshall March 3 1988 - Our lips are sealed

Twist Pic 3

This I think was their second demo, the Pooka tape:

01 Falling Down Quietly

02 Here Is Where I'll Always Be

03 That's All

04 Walking Home

Download whole Pooka tape (12Mb)

Thanks to Iain Cummings from the band for sending the MP3's over.

The remaining MP3's are from a CD called "We Had Cakes - Sessions 88-92". One of the guys who was in the Twist, Ian Cummings, sent me this a number of years ago, but when this website was up last, I didn't have the webspace to upload all these files. I listened to them again last night and the songs are pretty good. The Twist had a load of strong material that is not on this CD - hopefully I can get hold of some of these. These MP3's are pretty much CD quality - the only MP3's on this site that came straight off a CD!

01 Blind in both ears

02 Six hundred steps

03 Of this I'm sure

04 Here is where I'll always be

05 The kings new clothes

06 Winter

07 New Move 89

08 Too Late again

09 Nosebleed

10 Come inside

11 If you must

Twist Pic 5

(The Twist at Dysart Miners' Welfare, November 1989)

12 Delicate shoulders

13 Alcohologist

14 I'm waiting

15 Weird flower

16 I've been asleep

17 Dead

18 Fun

19 Agent cooper

20 Pop is a fop

21 Not enough gas

22 Blossom

Colin 1989 1

(Colin Livingston, The Clubhouse Summer 1989)


Big thanks to Michael Laing for the photos from Dysart Miner's Welfare, Negotiants and the Clubhouse.