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Audio Files Help

If you only want to download or play the MP3 files on the site, you just need to read this bit below. If a link does not say otherwise, the file behind it will be an MP3.

There are sound files available to download on most of the pages dedicated to the individual bands. You can just click the relevant link (normally it's just the song name) to open the link to the file, this should open a "Player" in your browser and the song should automatically download, you can see the progress of the download by the horizontal bar filling up as the file downloads. There should be a little "play" button on the player that you can click to play the file.

I have a DSL connection, and the files all download so fast, it is almost like a streaming file. If you want to continue browsing the site whilst you listen to the music, you can right click (or control click on a Mac) on the links to the sound files and choose, "open file in new window", or if your browser supports tabbed browsing, you can select "open link in new tab". You can also download the files by right clicking (or control clicking on a Mac), and close "save link as", chose the location on your hard drive you want to save the files, and then select "save". You can then keep the files on your own computer and even play the songs on your iPod, or other portable music player. Whatever will they think of next.

The newer MP3s have been encoded at 160kbs and some of the newest material is encoded at 192kbs (VBR). We did some work on the original audio to improve it and it seemed a shame to encode the files too tightly and lose quality again. This will of course, lead to slightly longer download times. The older files were encoded at 128kbs.

We may slowly over time de hiss and improve the audio of some of the more precious recordings. New additions stuff (as of June 2009) that's juet bene digitally enhanced includes the original Darlingheart demo and the whole of the Stupified tape. The newest source material that was used to make the sound files is 17 years old, many of them were made from dodgy old tapes recorded in noisy bars on knocked about cassette recorders - so please don't adjust your computers!

You can listen to everything on the site by just clicking the audio files links, for those interested in the other audio file formats, click the link below:

Advanced audio help (for those who are interested) and other technical stuff