Kirkcaldy Bands
The Kirkcaldy Bands of the '80s

Because music like ours shouldn't die

Rockets Revenge
The Rocket Men of Leven


Well lets see..The first thing you need to know about 'Rockets Revenge' is
that we are no longer together!! We split up after almost 5 years together
around 1998 or so. But...our music lives on and will never die!

Grouprock 1

exactly why its on here for todays kids to enjoy. Well..thats the idea
anyway... We were formed in the Cold East Coast Town of Leven in
Fife,Scotland in 1994 and existed solely on a diet of Goth, Metal and Punk
and a diet of Cheap Crisps and lots of strong Cider which soon became a
big influence on our music!!

Grouprock 3

We partied hard and had a good time doing it
but, like all good things it had to end sometime...and so it did....Live
we were animated, fun and fueled with nonsense..In our time we recorded
one Studio Cd and the tracks from it are below..

Rockets badge

The songs live on for a
new audience here to breathe new life into them..We hope that you enjoy
and that our old tunes brighten up your day...A review of us once said
'the Future Stirs in Scotland' and for a while it just might have.

Grouprock 2

Update: We were recently played, a couple of times, on KrushRadio,
Chicago, which was nice.. Thanks DJ Bratprince!! And were once
featured on Radio Scotlands 'Beat Patrol' Programme..maybe we aint dead
yet! lol...

Poster new

Rockets are dead..long live Rockets!!!! Peace and love to all
here... Rab, ex guitarist, Rockets Revenge Fife Scotland

Poster old

Mark (Sonic Vocals) Alan (Stun Guitar) Fiona (Thunder Bass) Rab (Throb
Guitar) The Mysterious Dr.Bob (Drums) Cider Cheap Crisps Ghosts and Ghouls
Influences: oh god loads...ermmm a few we might mention...


The Ramones,
the Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Leather Nun, The Cure, The Chameleons,
Seam, Husker Du, 80's U.K Goth, 70's U.K Punk, 80's U.K. Heavy Metal, The
Gun Club, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Mega City 4, Leatherface, Black
Sabbath, Motorhead, Rush, Saxon, The Cult, The Skids, The Sisters Of
Mercy,The Damned, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Crass, The Rezillos, The
Cramps, Rose Of Avalanche and many many others far too numerous to


Sounds Like:    We were described as many things..Joy Division on drugs, The
Damned, Early Cure, The Buzzcocks, Early U2, The Chameleons, The Smashing
Pumpkins 'went wrong' and a strange fuse of Goth,Pop,Punk and Metal with a
strangely Scottish feel and slant.

Where did you all first meet?
Alan (Guitarist),Rab (Guitarist) and Mark (Vocalist) were all at School together, then attended College
together..Fiona (Bass) was Alans Girlfriend and a pal of Rabs..Dr. Bob (Drums) came from the pieces when the
Space Shuttle exploded!!

How long have you been writing music?
The Band is now Disbanded but Rockets Revenge were together for almost 5 years..

Where was the first place you recorded your music?
On a 4 Track Recorder in Mark and Alan's living room..they are brothers and shared a flat in Leven, town
where we live!

Who was the first person who listened to your music? Family etc.

 Family and friends who had been into Mark and Alan's previous group, 'The Schoolhouse'..great Indie Punky
stuff, Rab was   their Roadie!

When was your first single?

First Professional Studio Recording a year after we got together..put down five tracks..then 2 years later
did a second Studio Session with another 5 Tracks completed....Had to wait a while to save the money to go the
Studio! Radio Scotland 'Beat Patrol' played 'Snakeskin' though...Woohoo! :0)

Do you have girlfriends/Boyfriends?

Mark is Engaged, Rab is Married, Fiona has a man,Alan has a lady and Dr.Bob has his Circuit Diagrams and
Female connectors!

What do you want to do in the future?

hmmmmmm.Campaign for World Peace, Save The Fluffy Bunnies and Drink The E.E.C. Cider lake dry..oh, and
continue making Music of some sort...

Who are your fave unsigned acts/bands/artist's?

There is such a wealth of Talent on The Besonic mp3 site...We appreciate and enjoy Greenhill, Oppossum
Overdrive,Neutrino,Jackieonassid,Suicidal Poets,Bad Plumbing,Jody,Chilli, and there are many more bands who
have a sound that makes it clear they love what they do and they live for their particular style of
music..We like integrity in a Band's sound..

Who are your fave signed music artist's/bands?

 wow..there are many...mainly Rock/Indie/Alernative/Goth Bands, especially from the 80's scene..The
Chameleons,The cult,The Gun Club,Seam,Husker Du,The Buzzcocks, The Damned,The Sex Pistols,T.Rex,Rose of
Avalanche,All About Eve,Sugar,The Cramps,Radiohead,Smashing Pumpkins,Motorhead,Black Sabbath,Rush,Red Lorry
Yellow Lorry,New Model Army,Crass,The Clash,The Rezillos,the Mission,Sisters of Mercy,Suicide,New York
Dolls,the Smiths,Patti Smith,Blue Oyster Cult,Placebo,Jesus and Mary Chain,The Velvet Underground,Captain
America,Teenage Fanclub,Jane's Addiction,Ned's Atomic Dustbin....and the list could go on..phew..knackered

Songs you can play and download:

All Mine

All of This

Atmospheric Pressure

Bad Love




Death to Psychic Vampires

Hero Worship (Instrumental)


Jet Boy, Jet Girl (Live)

My Sympathy

Obsolete (Demo)

On Fire

Porno Star

Purest Thing (Original Mix)

Cream Soda



Hero Worship


Purest Thing


Sea Shanty

Self Inflicted


Somebody Like You

Sweet Oblivion



Vitamin Pills