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Summerfield Blues

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Andy Carr


Summerfield Blues

Andy and I's old school friend Ritche Smith is pictured on these pages, guesting on harmonica with the band. Ritchie's story can be seen on the Workshop Band page.

Ritchie Smith with the Summerfield Blues


Summerfield Blues Photo Gallery 1 - Andy Carr's Photos:

Summerfield 1
Summerfield TN 2
Summerfield TN three
Summerfield TN 4
Summerfield TN 5
Summerfield TN 6
Summerfield TN 7
Summerfield TN 8
Summerfielld TN 9
Summerfield TN thirteen
Summerfield TN 14
Summerfield TN 15
Summerfield TN 15
Summerfield TN 17
Summerfield TN 18
Summerfield TN 10
Summerfield TN 11
Summerfield TN 12

Summerfield Blues simplified timeline

February 1988 - Dave Arcari (guitar) and Andy Carr (bass/vocals) start playing blues licks together in Kirkcaldy

April 1988 - Phil Stillman (drums) joins in practices at St Andrews Church hall, Kirkcaldy and the Tech halls of residence.

May 1988 - formal start of Summerfield Blues, named after Andy’s girlfriend’s donkey (April Summerfield Surprise).

June 1988 - Summefield Blues’ debut gig at the Abbotshall Hotel, Kirkcaldy.

July 1988 - Mark Carr (Andy’s brother, formerly of The Fauves) replaces Phil on drums.

August 1998 - gigs at Philp Hall, Kirkcaldy (where they were joined on stage by pal Ritchie Smith on harmonica) and Electric Whispers, Perth. Record 10 songs onto an old tape recorder in the music room at Balwearie High School, Kirkcaldy. Blues version of Purple Rain gets rave reviews.

September 1988 - the band starts gigging round Edinburgh Student Union circuit. Alan Wilson (previously Games For May) joins on rhythm guitar. Loads of gigs round Fife and Edinburgh.

June 1989 - Farewell gig at Harrows Tavern, Kirkcaldy as Dave moves to London and starts Midnight Blues Band with ex-Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green sax player Roly Vaughan and other London pros. The band gigs heavily on the London blues/rock along with Steve Marriott, Chicken Shack and Steve Gibbons. Alan Wilson forms The Schoolhouse with brother Mark (Bonz). Mark Carr joins Edinburgh psychobillys The Radium Cats.

May 1990 - Dave moves back to Fife and reforms Summerfield Blues with Andy Carr joined this time by Dave Sinclair (drums) and Steve Bell (rhythm guitar).

July 1990 - Debut gig for new Summerfield Blues lineup at Basin Street, Edinburgh

August 1990 - December 1992 - Summerfield Blues clock up 100 gigs round Scotland. Highlights in this period include a full-house Saturday night show at the Preservation Hall, Edinburgh (notably joined by guest and pal Ritchie Smith on stage – Ritchie often guested with the band until his tragic death in October 1993 just days after joining the band for a gig in Tain). A cassette album Summerfield Blues is released in Summer 1991 and sells out three production runs (Dave Arcari opens Abracadabra Studios in Kirkcaldy in January 1991.) In January 1992 rhythm guitarist Steve Bell leaves. He is replaced by Marsha Tarvet on backing vocals and keyboards.

April 1993 - Summerfield Blues video released featuring two tracks. Extensive airing by European cable TV channels.

May 1993 - Recording sessions begin at Abracadabra for Summerfield Blues’ debut album.

August 1993 - Summerfield Blues performance at Edinburgh International Jazz Blues Festival earns them the title Scottish Blues Band of the Year and the Alexis Korner Memorial Award

October 1993 - Debut CD album Devil & the Freightman released and attracts a lot of local and national radio airplay

May 1994 - three song EP Let’s Scare The Posh People released and immediately sells out first production run.

June 1994 - Devil & the Freightman nominated for Best British Blues Album award (comes third).

December 1994 - four song EP Little Miss Behavin’ released. Summerfield Blues’ Christmas special gig breaks all attendance records at the Ollerton Hotel Kirkcaldy

July 1994 - Two week tour of Ireland kicks off in Dublin. Summerfield Blues play 14 gigs in 12 days at some of Ireland’s top venues and open Galway Arts festival.

October 1995 – Summerfield Blues escape injury as trailer crash on A9 trashes equipment. The resulting damage and costs financially cripple the band (from which the band never recovers).

January 1996 - Summerfield Blues headline a triple bill at King Tuts, Glasgow pulling the biggest crowd the venue has ever seen from a local band showcase.

May 1996 - Summerfield Blues split amicably after farewell gig at Ollerton Hotel, Kirkcaldy

Dave Arcari goes on to form Radiotones (see ) and also establish himself as an international solo artist (se ). He is now based in Glasgow


Summerfield Blues Photo Gallery 2 - Dave Arcari's Photos:

Summerfield TN 19

Dave Arcari, Andy Carr and guest Ritchie Smith at the Hunting Lodge, Leven c. 1991

Summerfield TN 20

Marsha Tarvet, Dave Arcari, Dav Sinclair and Andy Carr c.1994

Summerfield TN 21

Version 2.5! Dave Arcari, Andy Carr, Mark Carr and Alan Wilson - late 1988

Summerfield TN 25

Andy Carr, Mark Carr, Dave Arcari and guest Ritchie Smith at the Philp Hall, Kirkcaldy. Autumn 1988.

Summerfield TN 26

Dave Arcari, Ritchie Smith (guesting on harmonica), Andy Carr, Marsha Tarvet - the Hunting Lodge, Leven. Sept 1992

Summerfield 26

Dave Arcari, Ritchie Smith (guesting on harmonica), Andy Carr, Marsha Tarvet - the Hunting Lodge, Leven. Sept 1992

Summerfield 27

Dave Arcari & Ritchie Smith - the Hunting Lodge, Leven. Sept 1992

Summerfield 28

Dave Arcari, Anne Arcari, Ritchie Smith, Carol Tarvet, Dave Sinclair, Marion Shiel, Marsha Tarvet and Jim Tarvet after the Tain gig in October 1992 just a couple of days before Ritchie took his life. This may well be the last photo of our sadly missed pal Ritchie.

Summerfield 29

Dave Arcari and Andy Carr at the Lochgelly Centre - October 1993

Summerfield 30

Summefield Blues mark 3 – Dave Arcari, Andy Carr, Dave Sinclair and Steve Bell outside the practice room the band used at the old bakery in Coal Wynd, Kirkcaldy.

Summerfield 31

Summefield Blues mark 3 – Dave Arcari, Andy Carr, Steve Bell and Dave Sinclair outside the practice room the band used at the old bakery in Coal Wynd, Kirkcaldy.

Summerfield 32

Dave Arcari and Andy Carr at the band's final gig at the Ollerton Hotel, Kirkcaldy. May 1996.


Summerfield 33

Andy Carr and Dave Arcari at Connelly's, Leap, Co.Cork during the band's Irish tour. August 1995


Summerfield TN 22

Dave Arcari at The Clubhouse, Kirkcaldy May 1991

Summerfield TN 23

First Summerfield Blues pic - Andy Carr, Phil Stillman and Dave Arcari at the tech. May 1988

Summerfield TN 24

Summerfield Blues mark two - Mark Carr, Andy Carr, Dave Arcari at the Philp Hall, Kirkcaldy. Autumn 1988


Summerfield Blues Press:

SB Press Cutting 1

May 1988

SB Press Cutting 2

October 1988

SB Press Cutting 3


SB Press Cutting 4


SB Press Cutting 5


SB Press Cutting 6


SB Press Cutting 7

SB Press Cutting 8

October 1993

SB Press Cutting 9


SB Press Cutting 10

August 1993

SB Press Cutting 11


SB Press Cutting 12

SB Press Cutting 13


SB Press Cutting 14


SB Press Cutting 15


SB Press Cutting 16


SB Press Cutting 17


SB Press Cutting 18


SB Press Cutting 19


SB Press Cutting 20


SB Press Cutting 21


SB Press Cutting 22


SB Press Cutting 23


SB Press Cutting 24


SB Press Cutting 25


SB Press Cutting 26


SB Press Cutting 27



SB Press Cutting 31



SB Press Cutting 28


SB Press Cutting 29


SB Press Cutting 30


Summerfield Blues biog (1994)

SUMMERFIELD BLUES is one of the country’s top up-and-coming bands bringing its fuel-injected blues-based music to a new generation.The band won the prestigious ‘Alexis Korner Memorial Trophy’ and the title of Scottish Blues Band of the Year, at the 1993 Edinburgh Blues Festival.

With the current line-up formed in February 1992, the four-piece Summerfield Blues performs a variety of material featuring mainly self-penned material in styles ranging from traditional ‘question and answer’ slow blues to manic slide guitar-based numbers.

Summerfield Blues inimitable style and presence on stage immediately casts the band apart from the run-of the mill blues bands of the past (...and present) and a highly visual act and presentation of material gives an alternative vibe to the band.

Regular gigs around Scotland have helped the hard-gigging Summerfield Blues attract a dedicated army of fans and much positive press coverage.

Now, with a debut CD-album ‘Devil & the Freightman’ (nominated for best UK blues album 1993/4 in the British Blues Connection Awards), two cassette EPs (‘Let’s Scare the Posh People’ & ‘Little Miss Behavin’’) and a 2-track video under their belt Summerfield Blues is already embarking on its blues crusade taking their music to the masses.

The tracks featured on the CD have enjoyed extensive airplay on most of Scotland’s independent radio stations and BBC local/national radio, and the band have been interviewed twice on Radio Scotland’s Jump the Q by John Cavanagh. More recently the band has performed live sessions for Radio Scotland’s Annie Webster Show and TGIF.

Both of the tracks on the video have been broadcast in Germany by Berlin TV.

Summerfield Blues is:
Andy Carr — vocals/bass
Dave Sinclair — drums
Dave Arcari — guitars
Marsha Tarvet — vocals/keyboards

‘Popular, polished and sophisticated band’
The Scotsman

‘This Kirkcaldy outfit’s quirky brand of tongue-in-cheek blues makes a most refreshing change from the usual doses of ‘indie rock’’
M8 Magazine

‘Whether you’re in Scotland or further afield and looking for a blues band,
then its worth lending an ear to Summerfield Blues.’
Blueprint Magazine (The British Blues Connection)

Songs you can play and Download:

From the CD below -

Devil and the freighttam cover

24 Hours

Watchin' Over You

Bring It On Home

From "Lets Scare the Posh People" -

05 Thinkin' 'bout my Baby (from Let's Scare the Posh People EP 1994)

07 Fly Away (from Let's Scare the Posh People EP 1994)

From the BBC sessions -

08 Right Now (BBC Scot Jan 1995)

09 End of the Line (BBC Scot April 1995)

Video -





Yet more info on the band can be found here: