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The Kirkcaldy Bands of the '80s

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Kirkcaldy Bands Venues


Balwearie High, my old school, where I went from 1978 to 1984. The first time I can remember seeing most of the Kirkcaldy bands of the era was held in the assembly hall here (which is the lower building on the far left of the picture) at a charity gig in January 1985, in January 1984.


Kirkcaldy College of Technology, where I (and many other people who played in bands at the time) went from 1984 to 1986. I was doing HND Communication Studies. The second charities gig was held here in February 1986. The Tech's Student Union was behind many other gigs and I remember the canteen and the little cafe being a great place to be to meet fellow musicians, although the police used to use the canteen as well, which was a bit of putting! The tower is now demolished and replaced with a much smaller one. The old tower was used as an example in the Building Studies course of how not to build a building. I was in the classrooms on the 6th floor and was always afraid it would fall down when I was there! Happily it never did. Sharon Small (now a kinda famous actress) was there at the same time as me doing the drama course. She has a fan created website now, imagine that.

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