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The Kirkcaldy Bands of the '80s

Because music like ours shouldn't die

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Lets once again dive back into the days of the Skittle, Day's of 29, Bentleys, the 101 Chip Shop, Tech Discos, annoying the Bouncers at Bentleys, paying just over a quid for a beer and one and half quid for twenty fags, spiky hair, black clothes and the musical revolution that was the Kirkcaldy Music scene of the mid 1980's. I was 18, and music was everything

This website is a tribute to amazing thing that was the home made, anarchic, vibrant, truly original experience, that was the Kirkcaldy music scene in the mid 1980's

It's dedicated to all the bands, all the people who leant us money, bought us beers, gave us support slots, leant us equipment and worked together, to make this scene and this time the special thing that it was

It's the last resting place of the bands that put Kirkcaldy on the map 20 years ago

This website is made by the Kirkcaldy bands of the 80's and is for the Kirkcaldy bands of the 80's.


The Bands:

The Gimix

The Surgical Wars

The Ghost Train
Ghost Train Icon

Darlingheart Icon

Stupified Icon

The Strutz

Gene Regulation
Gene Regulation Icon

Rockets Revenge
Rocket Icon

Who Cares


CB Talk


Summerfield Blues


The Schoolhouse

Absolute Alexis

Side Effects

Sphincter Control

The Blazing Apostles / Locomotive Latenight

The Twist

The Crucified Brains


Laughing Academy

The Circle Line / Perfumed Galaxy

Billy and the low IQs

All Days Fade


The Amused

The Silent Falls

The Receiving End
Receiving End Icon

Blue on Shock
(New music added 28th April 2013)

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Days of 29

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Pictures of the Venues we played (and in some cases, pictures of where the venues used to be!) and stories about them.

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